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Training is not just the beginning it’s an on-going process.

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Certified Pool Operator - The Pool People, Cyprus

Training is not just the beginning its an on-going process.

With the help of the PHTA (formerly NSPF) our operators are continually evolving with new methods,new chemicals, up to date information on viruses and general health and safety.

Training Programmes

On behalf of the PHTA (NSPF)® we offer several introductory packages in addition to CPO training courses.

Course Dates

The Pool People ltd undertake the PHTA (NSPF)® CPO 2 day courses, twice per year, in May and October.

CPO® Certified

Why you should choose a PHTA (NSPF)® CPO® Qualified Pool Operator and what you should expect from them

Our Courses

Our students have benefited immensely from the type and method of our training courses and programmes. The aim is to help people enhance their understanding by offering a high standard of training throughout Cyprus.

With this in mind we offer two different types of training

A:  The Certified Pool Operator (C.P.O®) training course designed to bring all operators up to the same high standards. The course is ran locally and offers all participants the opportunity become a fully qualified C.P.O® operator.

For further information on the PHTA (NSPF®) certified pool and spa ( CPO® ) course and the different formats it offers please complete the application form or contact

B: Basic introduction to pool maintenance and cleaning, This training is aimed at Hoteliers / developers who operate larger installations.  This is a 1 week operational working course designed to introduce the operator to the basic practices and procedures surrounding all aquatic installations.

Complimentary Courses

Other courses available are as follows and are aimed to complement the Certified pool operators program.

Pool operator primer

  • This program is aimed at pool operators, service technicians, facility managers and environmental health officials

Aquatic risk management

  • Aquatic facility managers, risk management, and operators will learn how to protect customers and staff and reduce risk and liability.

Certified pool / spa inspector

  • Designed to provide a standardised training program for health officials and pool operators on conducting pool and spa inspections

Environmental management

Pool Training Academy, The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) - The Pool People Cyprus

Swimming Pool training programmes

We at The Pool People Ltd are also happy to announce the launch of 2 new training packages to complement our successful NSFP® Certified pool training programmes.

Tony Bell, the Owner and Director of The Pool People Ltd is passionate about pools and about ensuring that people who are cleaning them, are qualified to do so – and also that they understand fully, just how very dangerous unclean pool water can be to the people swimming in it. Water may be clear but that doesn’t mean it’s clean.

Over many years, Tony has invested in training others, something for which he is very well known across the island – and for consistently undergoing training refreshers for himself too. He is the first NSPF CPO Instructor on the island of Cyprus – and has worked tirelessly to keep swimming pools safer on the island.

The PHTA (Pool & Hot Tub Alliance) formerly known as NSPF (National Swimming Pool Foundation), recently acknowledged the hard work Tony undertakes, sending him the following note:

Tony, we just wanted to send a personal thank you to you for all that you do. We appreciate how passionate you are in the teaching of the PHTA (NSPF) CPO course. We’ve yet to read a bad or disappointed student evaluation form

The Pool People ltd, led by Tony Bell, care very much about the safety of swimmers in pools. Water is a living, breathing element and needs to respected/cared for fully.

As the owners of properties with swimming pools are entirely liable for the health of the person/s swimming in the pool and the qualifications of the people cleaning the pools, why not do it properly? The Law may not hold you responsible yet here in Cyprus – but the liability IS YOURS!

Talk to The Pool People Ltd about training courses/refresher courses/attending The Pool Training Academy. Email for information to

The Pool People are proud to be the first operator in Cyprus to have been accredited by the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®), founded in 1965, is a non-profit  organisation dedicated to improving public health worldwide by attracting more people to safer aquatic environments.

The PHTA (NSPF®) Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification program is the leading international education and certification program for pool and spa operators and health officials protecting the public from illness and injury. The PHTA (NSPF®) has certified over 200,000 pool operators to date. In 2006 alone, about 20,000 people were trained.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) - The Pool People Cyprus

The PHTA (NSPF®) is committed to improving public health by encouraging healthier living through aquatic education and research. The PHTA (NSPF®) is the leading educator for pool and spa professionals who service and operate public and private pools and spas and for public health officials who are responsible for pool safety

The Foundation works toward its mission with educational products like Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification training, the Pool Math™ Workbook, the Aquatic Safety Compendium™, eProAcademy™ Online Training Center, and the World Aquatic Health™ Conference.

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