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Congratulations on being a pool owner! Here are some fact sheets prepared by The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP) to inform you about general safe use, operation, and maintenance of your pool.

Your pool can give your family and guests many years of fun and relaxation. Just as with any product, you and only you can determine if your pool is used sensibly. The key to safe use of a product is a sensible and informed consumer.

Tech Notes

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The Fact Sheets cover the following areas

Essential information for any Pool & Spa owner or operator

Whilst these fact sheets are not intended to cover all aspects of pool design operations, installation, and maintenance. It will help you understand some of the causes of pool-related issues and how to prevent them.

Fact Sheets

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (“APSP”)

The sensible way to enjoy your swimming pool

By carefully reading this PDF download, you may save the life of a child or prevent serious harm to yourself, family members or friends. It is your responsibility to learn and understand safety principles and rules. To ensure safety, every pool owner must read this download. First-time users run the highest risk of injury. Before they enter the pool, inform them of the safety rules. Informed users are concerned about safety because serious injuries and even death can result from the unsafe use of pools, pool equipment, and associated products.

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Read more about the APSP and their code of ethics and why we are delighted to represent Cyprus [click here]

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