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Pool Borders

We employ our own pool liner installation team

Cyprusvillas are happy to announce we have been appointed the distributor in Cyprus for the Topborder Pool Border Product.

This pool border is slightly different to the normal borders you have seen in the way that it is on a continuous roll and not supplied by the meter,  this makes it a little harder to fit but much better on the eye and of course there are less joins to cover up.

The Topborder product is typical of German technology.  Precise, innovative  and of the highest quality.  The product has the unique “Ice Nano” coating which allows for the smooth cleaning making it both durable and effective.

The Blue Top Border product is resistant to UV rays - The Pool People, Cyprus

The Topborder product is resistant to UV rays, water chemicals and due to the revolutionary Ice Nano coating it is also resistant to grease and grime ensuring the product maintains its “as new” appearance.

Looking to get your pool back looking new again? Don’t look any further! Contact The. Pool People today for a very competitive quote. 

Cleaning Borders & Liners

Tips and tricks on keeping your borders and liners clean. POOL CLEANING should be carried out minimum 2 times per week, 52 weeks per year. Whilst the pool may not be used during the winter, this is the key time to balance and protect the water and get it ready for the heavy summer use.

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Not all Pools Look, or are designed, the same way. But, that’s not a problem for The. Pool People. Our expert and professional installation team will brighten up your existing pool, or create an entirely new and exciting project that is backed-up with guarantees that are simply not offered elsewhere.

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Installation Guarantee

We provide the owner of a swimming pool, or their representative, a Warranty Certificate. Elbtal have launched a new range of quality pool liners, the ELITE range, which come complete with a 15 years water tightness guarantee AND a 5 year stain resistant guarantee!

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Elbtal Agents

Elbe Blue Line (Elbtal Plastics) and The Pool People

Elbtal - Elbe Blue Line (Elbtal Plastics) and The Pool People Cyprus

The Pool People are honoured to be a distributor and installations specialist, for the superb Elbe Blue Line range of pool liners.

We’ve enjoyed a strong , professional relationship with the team at Elbtal for a number of years now, working with them to eg send our installation team to Germany to learn from their experts – and inviting them to our offices in Peyia, so share their research and experience.

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For More information on our Pool Liners & Borders, please get in touch!