How do you know what to expect when deciding upon a Pool Service Company here in Cyprus?

You’ve already discovered that there is a pool service company in every town. Maybe even on every street. But which one do you choose? And, how do you decide?

Experience is a ‘must have’ for any pool company.

As you’d expect, you need to know that they have capable and well-trained service engineers and technicians. And, importantly that backing-up every installation or servicing is a knowledgeable and competent management team. After all, at stake is the health and safety of everyone that is using your pool. At The Pool People, you can rest assured that you have one of the most qualified teams in Cyprus. We are fully compliant with all European standards on swimming pool design and maintenance.

All our operators are National Swimming Pool Foundation (“NSPF”) qualified. Holding at least a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (“CPO”) certification.

Did you know? The Pool People has trained a great many people in Cyprus, helping them to attain this qualification.

Whether it is because they wanted to start a pool cleaning business. Or simply to better understand how to maintain their own swimming pool. Read more about the CPO and Pool Training Courses.

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Equally important is the relationship that you have with your pool service company.

They will be visiting your home to maintain your pool and monitor it’s health on a weekly basis; ensuring it is always welcoming and ready to use. They will be, therefore, interacting with you and your family often. So, you’ll want to feel confident (and comfortable) that you are in safe hands. And, if your pool is at your holiday home, you’ll want to feel that you can trust them implicitly when they visit in your absence. The Pool People maintain both private and communal swimming pools throughout the Paphos district. We install brand new pools, refurbish and overhaul existing swimming pools, maintain equipment and provide a complete pool cleaning and advice service.

Servicing and Repairs

As with any piece of equipment in use daily, a swimming pool needs regular monitoring and servicing. And, when parts fail, you’ll need a reliable repair or replacement service. Our in-house qualified pool engineers will quickly solve any kind of pool problem. Including leak detection, pump repairs, pool liner replacement, chemical fixes and salt water chlorination systems.

And what’s more? It’s all covered by our unique guarantees!

What about Reputation?

It’s like experience. We’re happy to say that our business is built upon a solid foundation of customer satisfaction and quality assurances. We are the longest established ‘complete’ pool service company in Cyprus. Our attention to detail is unbeatable. We have many wonderful client testimonials, some of which you can see here, and more can be found on our Facebook Page. However, the best way for you to get a feel for what it is like to work with us is to get in touch.

Hmm, but how much will it cost?

Simply? You get what you pay for. We won’t pretend to be the least expensive. But, as has hopefully been shown in the points above; we offer an outstanding service to both private individuals and businesses. We do not provide cheap pool products or use inferior equipment. And, we provide a range of services with differing levels of support from which you can choose. We will always provide you with a free assessment and make suggestions for the ongoing maintenance of your pool or spa.

From new pool construction to refurbishing both private and communal pools using on the very best materials.

A recent communal pool modification in Paphos. What a difference.

We routinely provide free assessments of your pool or spa

Please find your pool report following work conducted by the previous pool specialist who abandoned the project. In our opinion, they started the project in good faith. However, they quickly realised the extent of the work required, and simply walked away

The general condition of the pool shell is OK, although it is not level, it’s acceptable. The exterior of the pool is however in a relatively poor condition. None of the main drains have yet been completed and the rest of the pool needs remedial action.

The pool lights have been installed at different heights. Although this will probably look fine, in time, the water pressure bearing on the lower lights will cause them to pop. It’s difficult to say when, or how often that might happen.

There is an auto-fill system box installed that does not have a water feed. We would suggest leaving this in place and disconnected. These systems fail continually in Cyprus due to high ambient temperatures.

The electric cover cannot yet be installed since the existing coping stones are both old and brittle. Due to the angles of the coping stones, the cover would have to be made either much wider (requiring excavation work), cut into the current coping stones or, placed on top of the stones. An above ground installation may eventually fail due to damage caused by wind and other debris, including accidental damage.

To cut the existing stones, a 7cm gap either side of the cover would have to be made. This would further weaken the stones. Natural flat coping stones that are usually fitted with electric covers should be used as an alternative to the existing stones.

The pump house modifications require a full system. A Pump, filter, manifolds & valves and the electronics to run the system

A very low-pressure swim will be experienced from swim-machine parts so far installed. The motor is simply not strong enough for even a reasonable swimmer. The swim machine currently installed is also known to be unreliable. Realistically you will be disappointed with the performance of your current unit. Unfortunately, the current system has been installed in a such a way that it requires the motor to be underground. This is not at all ideal as the motor can easily overheat.

For a pool heating system, we would suggest an electric air/heat system. It is reliable, secure, flexible and day-to-day running costs are less expensive than using an oil or LPG alternative.

We will install either a Canadian 1.5mm with a 10-year warranty or a German 1.6mm with a 15-year warranty.

The customer chose to accept all of our recommendations and selected the Canadian ‘Plaza Mosaic’ 1.5mm liner

Please get in touch if you need help with your own project.

To see if we’re the right pool service company for you simply get in touch. Send an email or call us on +357 26 623 342. If you prefer you can send an enquiry using the contact form below.

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